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Equipping Government, Ministry and Business Leaders to Transform the Culture.

CityForce is a partnership of friends aimed at revitalizing churches and businesses with the hope of transforming their cities and nations to be more effective in dealing with benefaction, neighborhood empowerment, and multicultural collaboration.


Ken Janke

We are so delighted to announce our new partner Ken Janke.

Ken works to position people, organizations, and businesses for their effective future, believing transformation is possible through collective ideas and collaborative action. He collaborates with mission-minded organizations and networks globally to create change in our world.

Ken serves on the Boiler Room Network Oversight Team. Blessing 24-7 Prayer church communities across North America.

Jon Petersen

Jon Petersen is the Founder of CityForce.

Jon’s journey of being a pastor, missionary, citywide prayer organizer, and advisor started in the late 60’s. Spanning from the Jesus movement to being part of the 24-7 Prayer movement.

Jon serves on the Oversight Team for the Boiler Room Network of churches in North America and around the world.

Jon has a passion for transmitting God’s principles to rebuild broken cities and nations and carries a love for Christian unity.


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Many in the Church feel bewildered and lost today. Being a Christian isn’t looked at the same way it was even half a century ago, and the world continues to change and morph as it never has before. It’s one thing to show up on Sundays, but what does it mean to be the Church in a time and culture that no longer seems to think we are relevant? 

Unravelled is an exploration of three distinct expressions of being the Church as told through three true stories of those seeking to transform culture with God’s Kingdom: a burgeoning megachurch that hit a wall when its founding pastor had to suddenly step down, a group of praying friends who accidentally became a church, and a church planter who took up residence in a depressed neighborhood and got so busy helping people and revitalizing the city that his “church” never got built.

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