Our Story

Until recently, CityForce was basically, well… just me—linked to a network of friends and “family,” all “co-conspirators” in the current move of God to shape his church into the image of His Son.  A troglodyte by nature, I am blessed, together with my friends, to facilitate and connect a number of larger movements cruising the waves of church and cultural transformation. 

Then along came Ken Janke. He does not prefer the cave (like I do) but dances through life in the full light of day. He is a “dream weaver,” always engaged in empowering others to realize their dreams. After years of pastoring and having participated in the transformation of a minority community in New Haven Connecticut, Ken brings a wealth of information and an acumen for putting “legs” to the dreams of the people he serves. 

Though CityForce is our collective endeavor, we are both firmly rooted in the 24-7 Prayer Network in the USA, specifically the Boiler Room Network, part of a spectacular team and engaged in pioneer church planting while strengthening and reforming hierarchical church structures. We would be helpless without our “apostolic team”;  our friends, the joy of our lives.  

The core intention from the inception of CityForce was first to encourage the church to rediscover God’s plan for her as found in the Scriptures followed by an investigation of His “redemptive roots” in the cities he had assigned His people to.  


“The core intention at the inception of CityForce was first to encourage the church to rediscover God’s plan for her.”

Secondly, we were in need of a mass unification, a love so tenacious, that the propensity toward individualism, comparison and hostility in the family of God would burn off in the light of his revelation and calling to reunify and “be one” in Christ.

It is our goal to identify “hungry hearts,” committed to work in a unified and strategic way to rebuild our cities by taking on Nehemiah’s declaration to “arise and build,” Our hope is to enable church, government and marketplace leaders to work together to understand God’s strategic plan for their cities.

In 2005, due to my increasing travels into Gospel-resistant nations, I took the CityForce website offline to lower my exposure to the prying eyes of some malevolent individuals in the nations I was conducting my travels.  Now, 13 years later, we (Ken and I) are engaged in slightly more sanitized and “respectable” endeavors, At the urging of our friends and family this new iteration of the CityForce website is up and running.

We hope to consistently upgrade the website to include training modules called Learning Labs, teaching materials, helpful links and a newsletter to keep our friends and partners updated on all that is transpiring.  

Our wee team trundles on, dreaming the dreams of the Father - to see all things summed up in the Son of His love as we seek to be a source of encouragement to his family. “Until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Eph. 4:13 (NIV)



JON PETERSEN is the Founder of CityForce.

Jon’s journey of being a pastor, missionary, citywide prayer organizer, and advisor started in the late 60’s. Spanning from the Jesus movement to being part of the 24-7 Prayer movement.

Jon serves on the Oversight Team for the Boiler Room Network of churches in North America and around the world. Jon has a passion for transmitting God’s principles to rebuild broken cities and nations and carries a love for Christian unity.


KEN JANKE works to position people, organizations and businesses for their effective futures, believing that transformation is possible through collective ideas and collaborative actions. He partners globally with mission-minded organizations and networks to create change in our world. His passion is stewarding the dreams of emerging leaders, pioneers and creatives. He believes that life is enhanced through quality relationships, and he obsesses over seeing transformation realized in the earth.

Ken launched a co-working facility, called The Grove, in both New Haven, CT and Dallas, TX. The space served to encourage and support people in the development of new ideas that were aimed at solving the social, environmental, economic, and urban problems that cities face. The Grove became more than just a space – it served as a dynamic community of social innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. He feels that city transformation is a redemptive thread that is woven into his story.

Ken has worked in both the corporate for-profit and the non-profit sector and has over 35 years of experience. He uses that experience to bridge those two sectors, often working with social innovators and entrepreneurs to help ideas take flight. He has been reimagining the urban landscape while living and working with neighbors to see neighborhoods transformed. He moved to Dallas from New Haven in 2012 to help cultivate a church plant in the West End district of downtown Dallas. He currently facilitates training with indigenous leaders from across the globe in the fields of church planting, pastoring and marketplace development. He and his wife, Lori, have been married for 30 years and have four children.