SATURATE the world’s dream is to see one missional community per 1,000 people in every key population center leading to gospel transformation affecting everything.

We believe our responsibility in this vision is providing gospel-centered training, resourcing, and coaching for the purpose of starting, supporting, and strengthening churches committed to gospel saturation.

Saturate discovers and curates some of the best practices and learnings from the Soma family and other like-minded churches and repackages them for the church at large. We also provide training events, coaching, and platforms for learning communities to support individuals and churches in accomplishing the vision of gospel saturation.


24-7 PRAYER and 24-7 PRAYER/USA were born from one small student-led prayer vigil that God invaded & quickly spread into 100+ nations, touching 2 million people of all ages in over 10 thousand locations, & landing in almost every denomination, Anglican, Catholic, Protestant, & non-traditional alike. 

We help people encounter God & engage with the needs of the world through intensely engaging prayer models, wildly inviting prayer spaces, in Christ-centered social action among the marginalized, & through Boiler Room communities. We're most known for inspiring & mobilizing prayer—prayer in the most likely & least likely places & among the most likely & least likely people.

Collectively, prayer has continued non-stop, night & day, since that 1st vigil in 1999; leaving a global movement of prayer, mission, & justice in its wake.  One which continually breathes out wild sacred stories of God answering prayers, reconciling, repairing, & transforming lives, communities, & regions.

THE BOILER ROOM NETWORK was birthed out the 24-7 Prayer movement: a growing, international family of Churches and Houses of Prayer, outworking values of prayer, mission and justice, locally and globally.

The Boiler Room Network is supported by a global leadership team, with regional and national teams that develop and support leaders.

We’re committed to building all communities on biblical foundations, remembering that the church was born in a place of prayer where the Holy Spirit came in power. Mission was mobilised from that encounter to the ends of the earth.